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The Lucky Core Industries Limited corporate identity centres around our brand promise, Cultivating Growth.


Cultivating Growth is at the heart of all that we do. It is reflective of our unwavering commitment to future growth and investment following the acquisition of Lucky Core Industries Limited by YBG.


The Blue Pearl, is the visual encapsulation of these aspirations. After all, a pearl is the ultimate symbol of carefully cultivated perfection. And so, it only made sense that a pearl formed the inspiration for what developed into our new logo.


Designed to be boundless and dynamic, the Blue Pearl and its accompanying visual identity are a representation of our confidence and enthusiasm as we embark on an exciting journey of expansion, innovation and growth; of the deeply-embedded values we live by; of the key strategic priorities that guide us; and of the rich legacy that we draw on even as we set our sights on an even brighter and more exciting future.